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The Outcry Of A Teenage Girl

Let’s Begin Our Freedom Journey Together. It's Time To Unmask.

I had to come to the realization that Gods plans were bigger than my masks. And that the only way that I can reach who God has created me to be I had to take my masks off. But I first had to identify what they were, why I had them on in the first place, and trusting God with the areas I was and still am most vulnerable in.


So with my transparency I have become more confident in not only in my flaws but in the

one who loves me beyond my current circumstances. Just like me God loves you so much that he wants to breathe life back into your purpose. He doesn’t want you to hide anymore. He wants you to be healed in every hidden and broken area. But the only way that can happen is if you first reveal who you really are flaws and all. Masks are temporary and can suffocate your identity. It's Gods love that lasts forever and gives you life.

"We've become so comfortable with who we thought we had to be that we lose sight of who we were suppose to be."

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